Advocacy and lobbying

Ballarat ICT Ltd develops joint advocacy and lobbying strategies to influence government ICT policies (including the City of Ballarat), present industry viewpoints to key stakeholders and to provide a ‘collective voice’ for the Ballarat ICT community.

Education and promotion

Ballarat ICT Ltd attracts investment to the Ballart ICT Cluster, encourages ICT use across business, industry and the Ballarat community and enhances Ballarat’s reputation as an internationally competitive ICT centre.


Ballarat ICT Ltd encourages leading-edge ICT research and supports the rapid adoption and effective use of ICT technologies across all sectors of business and the wider Ballarat community.


Ballarat ICT Ltd brings related enterprises, organisations and individuals together to work on projects, participate in forums and to achieve the Ballarat ICT 2030 vision.

Partnerships and networking

Ballarat ICT Ltd pursues partnerships with governments, educational institutions, telecommunications providers, businesses and others to ensure Ballarat achieves its strategic requirements for the delivery and maintenance of world’s best ICT infrastructure.

Expanding Horizons

Firmly focused on ensuring the world's best information and telecommunications infrastructure for our City, Ballarat ICT Limited helps 'lay the track' in order for local enterprises to surge forward and become leaders in their field.

Supporting rapid adoption and effective use of ICT technologies by businesses, industries and the wider Ballarat community further enhances our reputation as an internationally competitive centre.

Whether you have a large-scale operation or run an SME that simply utilises internet or telecommunications networks, your enterprise can benefit from membership to Ballarat ICT Limited.

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